Senior Management

J. Kyle Pennington

Kyle Pennington was named President of Synalloy Metals in June 2011. He was President of BRISMET Pipe Division from September 2009 to June 2011 and served as Vice President of Manufacturing, Bristol Metals from December 2007 through September 2009. Prior to joining Bristol Metals in 2007, Mr. Pennington worked 17 years in the metals industry including 12 years’ experience in executive management and service on the Board of Directors of Texas & Northern Industries, a Lone Star Steel subsidiary. He received his B.S. in Business Management degree from the University of Tennessee.

Kenny Scudder

Kenny joined Palmer of Texas in August 1993. He has worked in sales and management positions within the organization during this time. Prior to joining Palmer, Mr. Scudder worked 17 years in the Energy Industry Supply and Materials Management sector including both purchasing & sales roles.

He received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Angelo State University.

Stacy Montague

Stacy joined Palmer of Texas in April of 2004, he originally started with the company as an Autocad Draftsman. Previously Mr. Montague had worked in manufacturing with manual and CNC equipment as well as welding fabrication. He is responsible for overseeing the drafting and engineering operations as well as working in inside sales. Mr. Montague received his training in Computer Aided Design at Odessa College.

Robbie Watters

Robbie joined Palmer of Texas in July 2014. He has worked in our manufacturing of steel and fiberglass tanks within the organization since this time. Prior to joining Palmer, Mr. Watters worked 6 years in the gas plant manufacturing and 13 years in gas compression manufacturing.