Mission & Values

Mission Statement

“To provide long-term financial stability and growth to our shareholders and employees while meeting and exceeding all customer expectations.  Our goal to continue profitability stands united with our core values of Safety, quality, integrity, employee development, waste reduction and community involvement.  Our commitment to superior quality and customer service supports our vision to continually develop our business in domestic and international markets. We will take pride in our work.  We will work as a team and maintain a competitive spirit in all our endeavors.”

Safety Mission Statement

“To work as a team to ensure Safe conditions throughout the operation and instill Safe attitude and behavior with each employee; Synalloy Metals strives for Safety at work, at home and everywhere in between.”

Quality Mission Statement

“Synalloy Metals is committed to providing superior products and services to all of our customers.  Our management principles stress product and service quality to enhance our position as one of the leading stainless steel welded pipe producers, fabricators and tank manufactures in the United States.  We enlist the active support and participation of all our employees in the on-going effort to improve the quality of products and services we provide to our customers.  We are committed to promoting management practices that encourage teamwork and cooperation among all employees at Synalloy Metals.  We are confident that this dedication to quality improvement will encourage individual pride of workmanship and keep Synalloy Metals a strong organization.”